Some of the Skateboarding tips

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Skateboarding has been a popular pastime for the last twenty years but it has not always been as main stream as it is today. Originally seen as an underground activity, how to learn to skateboard remained a mystery for many years for most people. Recent popularity has driven skateboarding into the main stream and made it more popular than ever.

Below we offer 3 great tips to learning to skateboard.

  1. Balance is essential: You need to walk before you can run. Balancing on the board is an essential skill that needs to be mastered before anything else. Before you can get going with the stunts you need to be able to just stand on the board. Some people say you should practice balancing on a stationary board, I say jump on and start trying to skate. It is not that difficult to get the hand of.


  1. Get your footing right: Foot position is a major concept in the world of skateboarding. You need to be stood semi-sideways with your feet at right angles to the board. When pushing, you should have one foot towards the back of the board and be pushing with yours foot the usually sits at the front of the board.
  2. Practice practicepractice: As with any sport, skateboarding guides can show you the path but it always requires practice, a lot of practice. It is not usually something that someone can pick up in a day but with plenty of practice you should be well on your way to at least staying on the board. Skate everywhere you go and you will soon find yourself pulling tricks and your injuries will get less frequent.

Skateboarding can seem impossible at your first attempt and you will find yourself getting injuries but a good level of skating can be obtained with practice, confidence and the right equipment.


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