Getting into a public secured Wi-Fi network

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If you are looking to hack into a public secure Wi-Fi network, you need not to be a techie for it. But, you should know the basics of the network and how it works. You should know what are you trying to accomplish and the logic behind it. If you are thorough with the networks, you can use apps which allow you to get into a network. Here are a few steps you can follow to get the free wifi code app run for you:

free wifi code

  • Download: Of course, you need to download the app on your device. Check for an app which is available across all kinds of devices and platforms. This will help you to connect any device with you from the same app.
  • Install the app: Now, you need to follow the steps and install the app or software on your device. It should not take more than a few minutes to install the app on any of your device. It is advisable to download the app on all the devices at once. This will help you to just hack into the network whenever you want with the device you have in hand!
  • Start the app: When finished with installation, you can now start the app or software. Get familiarized with the app first before using it. This will help you in using it faster in real time.
  • Let the software breathe: The app will now analyse and show you all the networks and their passwords around you. You can easily select any network and use the network. Try to select an appropriate Wi-Fi and keep changing it after a while so that you are not caught.

There are a lot of free Wi-Fi code apps which claims to work but don’t. So, beware of the fraudsters and check for an original app! Happy Hacking!


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